4.33 / Procedures for Departing Faculty

  1. Procedure

    1. Resignation

      Resignations should always be submitted in writing to the faculty member's department Chairperson or Dean. The Dean will acknowledge the resignation on behalf of the University. Unless an alternate date is specified, the effective date of a resignation shall be the termination date of the faculty member's appointment, current as of the date of submission of the resignation.

      Faculty members must submit a written resignation notice. Except in instances of medical necessity, or as otherwise agreed upon between faculty member and Chairperson or Dean, resignations should be submitted by May 1 or within 30 days of the date of the most recent appointment notice.

    2. Final Departure

      Prior to final departure from campus, faculty members are expected to make arrangements for determining the final grades of their students and make arrangements to collect personal property and return University property.