6.03 / Unclassified Professional Appointments - Definition

  1. Policy

    Unclassified professional appointments are those unclassified appointments requiring special technical or administrative skills of a professional nature distinct and separate from teaching/research roles of the faculty or the direct administrative responsibility for faculty supervision. Appointments primarily devoted to clinical supervision or the arrangement of clinical placement are included in this category. Unclassified professional appointments do not usually carry academic rank. Except for those persons also holding a tenured faculty appointment, when rank is awarded and is held within an academic department, it is understood that the presence of rank pertains only to the unclassified professional appointment and does not entitle the employee to a continued position in that department after the unclassified professional appointment is terminated. An unclassified professional holding rank is eligible for promotion in rank through the procedures outlined in the Wichita State University Policies and Procedures Manual, Chapter 4 - Faculty Appointment, Tenure, Promotion, and Resignation. Unclassified professionals holding rank as of May 20, 1985 will continue to do so although the rank is not associated with an academic department. To be eligible for promotion in rank, these employees must follow the procedures to have rank associated with an academic department thereby becoming eligible to use University tenure and promotion policies and procedures.