7.10 / University Support Staff Classification System

  1. Policy

    The university support staff compensation program is based on a position classification system that provides for pay equity and market-based competitive wages and salaries. Individual positions are allocated to a job category (classification) based upon the kind and level of work assigned to the position. Each of the job classifications is assigned a salary range (grade) on the pay plan which determines the rate of pay for all positions within that classification.

    When positions are reviewed, a number of factors are taken into account such as: nature (kind) of work, degree of difficulty and responsibility, diversity of work, discretionary authority, supervisory responsibility and degree of supervision received. Of equal importance are equity considerations, i.e., jobs with similar levels of responsibility tend to be classified at the same level.

    1. Position Descriptions

      Position descriptions are required for all university support staff positions. A position description is a written description of the duties and responsibilities assigned to a position. Position descriptions (form DA281-2) are located in the Office of Human Resources (OHR). At the time of hire, the new employee signs the position description and is given a copy. Position descriptions should be reviewed annually and updated if changes have occurred. Copies should be retained by the supervisor and employee and the original is sent to OHR.

    2. Position Reclassification (Reallocation)

      Reclassification may occur when the duties and responsibilities assigned to a position change substantially. This change may be the result of reorganization, new programs/functions, and/or changes that evolve over a period of time. It is the supervisor's responsibility to revise the position description when substantial changes occur.

      It is important to keep in mind that it is the job which is reviewed, not the employee. Length of service, volume of work or such personal traits as exceptional qualifications, personality, financial need, relative efficiency, etc. carry no weight in determining how a job is classified.

      Reclassifications are normally implemented in June and December of each year. Requests must be received at least six weeks prior to implementation dates.

      If a position is reviewed by OHR and retained (at its current level) and the supervisor and/or incumbent disagrees with this determination, an appeal may be made to the appointing authority.