7.21 / Furlough Plan for University Support Staff

  1. Purpose

    The procedures and process set forth in this furlough plan have been developed pursuant to the provisions of Wichita State University Policies and Procedures. If Wichita State University desires to deviate from the standard workweek, defined as 40 hours during a given seven-day workweek, in order to implement a furlough plan, the furlough plan shall be implemented as delineated herein.

  2. Preamble

    This furlough plan describes the rights of regular employees and responsibilities of the University in regard to leave without pay for a preset number of hours during each pay period covered by the plan.

  3. Policy

    1. Organizational Units

      The organizational units within WSU as defined for purposes of furlough are as follows:

      1. Division of Administration and Finance

      2. Division of Academic Affairs

      3. President's Division

      4. Division of Research and Technology Transfer

      5. Division of Strategic Communications

    2. Geographic Areas

      The geographical area is a description of any geographic areas to which the furloughs will be limited. This is not limited to Sedgwick County and should include the entire domain of WSU.

    3. Definition

      If the University deems it necessary by reason of shortage of funds, it may furlough without pay all employees in the university support staff in designated classes, organizational units, geographical areas or any combination of those groups unless specific funding sources necessitate exceptions. "Furlough" shall be defined as leave without pay for a preset number of hours during each pay period covered by the furlough plan. An employee's social security and retirement contributions shall be affected under a furlough but all other benefits, including the accrual of vacation and sick leave, shall continue, notwithstanding other guidance to the contrary. A furlough shall not affect an employee's continuous service, length of service, pay increase anniversary date, or eligibility for authorized holiday leave or pay.

    4. Furlough Notice

      If feasible, at least 60 calendar days before the date a furlough is to be implemented, the University shall prepare a furlough plan and submit it to the Director of Human Resources, specifying the following information:

      1. The cause of the funding shortage.

      2. The effective date of the furlough and the date on which the furlough is to end.

      3. The methods for notifying the affected employees.

      4. The amount of advance notice that will be given to affected employees, which shall not be less than 30 calendar days.

      5. The estimated cost savings.

      6. Each class, organizational unit or geographical area to be affected.

      7. The criteria used to select each class, organizational unit or geographical area to be included in the furlough.

      8. Any exceptions to the furlough plan based on funding sources.

      9. The number of hours by which the workweek will be reduced, including separate categories detailing the proposed reduction in hours by standardized increments for exempt and nonexempt employees.

      In no case shall the furlough process be used as a disciplinary action against an employee.

    5. Summary

      Wichita State University recognizes the potentially devastating impact to employees affected by a furlough. The University will exhaust all available alternatives before administering a furlough. If faced with a furlough, all employees affected will be assisted in exercising their rights and options, including unemployment benefits, with a primary objective of maintaining their employment with the University.

  4. Implementation

    This policy statement will be included in the WSU Policies and Procedures Manual and will be distributed to the Director of Human Resources for dissemination and implementation.