8.07 / Financial Aid Awards

  1. Purpose

    Establish procedures relating to the determination of a student's cost of attendance for purposes of financial aids awards.

  2. Preamble

    Federal and state regulations require that all financial aid awards take into account any and all resources (other than employment) when determining the amount of money available to meet a student's cost of attendance.

  3. Policy

    1. The Provost or designee shall develop and implement procedures which are designed to ensure compliance with federal and state regulations regarding financial aid awards and to make certain, to the extent reasonably possible, that a student is not placed at risk of overpayment of financial aid funds.

    2. The Provost or designee shall review the implementing procedures as required or appropriate, but minimally at least annually, to assure compliance with federal and state regulations.

    3. The procedures developed by the Provost or designee pursuant to this policy statement shall be applicable to affiliated corporations of the University as well as the student government association.

  4. Implementation

    This policy shall be included in the WSU Policies and Procedures Manual and shared with appropriate constituencies of the University.

    The Provost shall have primary responsibility for publication, dissemination and implementation of this University policy.