9.09 / University Ownership

  1. Policy

    All books and materials purchased with grant or contract funds become the property of the University. These items should be held by the principal investigator during the operation of the project. At the conclusion of a project or if the principal investigator leaves the University, all books and materials purchased with grant and contract funds must be transferred to either the appropriate academic department or the University library.

    Any equipment items purchased or acquired during an externally funded project must be inventoried as University property. In most cases, the equipment will become the property of WSU at the conclusion of the project, although some grants and contracts may include specific provision for the return of the equipment to the granting agency. If grant or contract-acquired equipment becomes University property, it is transferred to the inventory of the appropriate academic department and its use will be determined by normal department procedures. If a faculty or staff member leaves the employment of WSU, no equipment may be taken from the campus without prior approval of the Vice President for Finance and Administration.