9.24 / Level of Effort on Sponsored Projects

  1. Purpose

    To establish the maximum and minimum levels of effort on sponsored projects.

  2. Policy

    At no time should the level of effort charged to a sponsored project exceed the level of effort expended within that project, meaning work that is not part of the sponsored project plan (i.e., research on a different project, proposal writing, etc.) cannot be charged to the grant. The scope of work on sponsored projects is defined by the proposal. However, all WSU faculty and staff have responsibilities that fall outside of the sponsored project (i.e. teaching, service, administration, proposal writing, etc.). As such, no individual can commit more than 95% effort in any period to external grants and contracts. Faculty holding academic year appointments should consider the impact of other non-research activities, such as vacations, when committing and charging effort to sponsored projects during the summer semester as these activities may prevent devotion of 100% effort.

    The Principal Investigator (PI) and other senior level participants must commit at least 1% effort, or the minimum mandated by the project sponsor, for overseeing and guiding the proposed work. The effort may be expended during the academic year and/or summer semester. This requirement is only applicable for research grants and does not apply for infrastructure/equipment grants, conference grants, or limited purpose awards.

    Approval from the Vice President of Research and Technology Transfer is required when personnel with other university responsibilities commit effort to sponsored projects that go outside the bounds established above.