11.04 / Process for Selection of Project Architect on Board of Trustees' Projects

  1. Policy

    Whenever a project is planned for the construction of a new building or for major repairs or improvements to an existing building for Wichita State University using funds other than as appropriated by the State of Kansas, and when the project will have a construction cost exceeding $1,000,000, the following procedures shall apply for the selection of a firm to provide architectural services. If a project is purely of an engineering nature without significant architectural considerations, and the project will have a construction cost exceeding $1,000,000, the same procedure shall be used to select a professional engineering firm to provide the required services.

    The staff shall place an advertisement in two consecutive issues of the Kansas Register to publicly describe the proposed project and solicit applications from all firms interested in being considered for selection as project architect. The staff shall review the applications and shall select a minimum of three firms for interviews.

    The "short list" of three or more firms will be interviewed by a Selection Committee of four (4) persons. The Selection Committee will consist of two (2) members of the Board of Trustees appointed by the Chair, the University's Vice President for Finance and Administration and the Associate Vice President for Facilities.

    When interviewing applicant firms, the committee shall always consider demonstrated competence and qualifications including satisfactory completion of any previous phase of work awarded for the same project, and shall take into account the estimated value of the services to be rendered and the scope, complexity, and professional nature thereof. When applicant firms with comparable credentials and abilities are being considered, preference shall be shown toward firms with permanent offices in the Wichita area whenever possible.

    The committee shall rank the firms interviewed in order of preference beginning with the firm determined to be the most qualified for the project in question, and shall negotiate a contract with that firm as project architect to provide all architectural services for the project as defined by the program statement. Should the staff be unable to negotiate a satisfactory contract with the first ranked firm, negotiations with that firm shall be terminated, and the staff shall undertake negotiations with the second ranked firm. If accord is unable to be reached with the second most qualified firm, the process shall be repeated with the other firms in the order of their ranking on the preference list. Should the staff be unable to negotiate a satisfactory contract with any of the selected firms, the committee shall reevaluate the services and fee requirements and reopen negotiations with any of the nominated firms. The Board of Trustees must approve the recommendation of the staff for final selection of the architectural firm.

    Any contract for architectural services shall specify the responsibilities undertaken and the services to be provided by the project architect. In addition, the contract shall require the project architect to submit evidence which is satisfactory to the University's Vice President for Finance and Administration that the firm has general professional liability insurance which is adequate for the project.