11.06 / Naming And Dedication Of University Facilities

  1. Initiating Authority

    1. The University President serves as the initiating authority for this policy.
  2. Purpose

    1. The purpose of this policy is to set forth the requirements for the naming and dedication of University Facilities, in accordance with the Kansas Board of Regents (KBOR) policies.
  3. Policy

    1. Approvals for Naming, Renaming, Name Removal, and Dedication of University Facilities

      The naming, renaming, name removal, and the dedication of any University Facility shall require advance approval as required under this policy, and, when required by KBOR policies and procedures, by KBOR.

    2. Communication of Proposed Name or Dedication

      1. Names and dedications shall not be put into use prior to obtaining the appropriate approvals in accordance with this policy and applicable KBOR policies.
      2. When KBOR approval is required, proposed names for University Facilities shall not be publicly communicated until the name is presented for consideration at an open meeting of KBOR.
      3. Proposals to name or dedicate a University Facility shall not be communicated to a proposed honoree prior to gaining the University President's approval in accordance with this policy.
    3. Criteria and Restrictions for Names and Dedications

      1. Generally, the use of a proper name in naming or dedicating a University Facility will be limited to distinguished individuals who have made extraordinary contributions of a scholarly, professional, or public service nature related to the University's mission, or for major donors to the construction. University Facilities shall not be named for sitting university presidents, KBOR members, or federal, state or local elected officials; however, University Facilities named for such individuals before appointment or election or between appointments or elections to one or more of those positions need not be re-named.
      2. Dedication Signage shall not display the name of an acting or interim University President who has not been officially inaugurated or the names of KBOR members who have been appointed but have not officially taken office. In the event there is no officially inaugurated University President when a dedication has been proposed, the process for dedication may be temporarily suspended until such time that the University President is officially inaugurated.
    4. Removal of Name or Dedication

      1. The University shall have the right to remove any name or dedication bestowed upon any University Facility, in accordance with applicable KBOR policies.
      2. Where a University Facility is named for or dedicated to any individual, partnership, corporation, or other entity that has come into disrepute in the University or in the general community so as to reflect negatively or adversely upon the University, such disrepute may serve as a basis for removal.
    5. Fund Raising Documentation

      Any documentation used by the University or any affiliate of the University for fund raising purposes shall clearly state that proposed names are subject to University and KBOR approval and that the University and KBOR reserve the right to remove any name bestowed upon a University Facility, or any component thereof.

  4. Definitions

    1. For the purpose of this policy only, the following definitions shall apply:
      1. Controlled Affiliated Organizations: Wichita State University Intercollegiate Athletic Association, Inc., Wichita State University Union Corporation, Wichita State University Innovation Alliance, Inc., WSIA Investments Corporation.
      2. Dedication Signage: Signage that is commonly displayed as a plaque and commonly posted on the interior of a University Facility and reflects the names of those in a leadership position who participated in the dedication of the University Facility.
      3. Non-Controlled Affiliated Organizations: Wichita State University Foundation and Alumni Engagement.
      4. University: Wichita State University and Controlled Affiliated Organizations.
      5. University Facility: A University Facility is any building, structure, land, or grounds, including any component thereof, that the University has the authority to name, rename, remove a name, or dedicate, regardless of ownership or location.
  5. Administrative Procedure

    1. Procedure for Naming, Renaming or Name Removal of a University Facility

      1. Submitting Proposals for Naming. All proposals to name, rename, or remove any name on the exterior of a University Facility shall be submitted in writing to the Office of the University President, with supporting explanation. All proposals to name, rename, or remove a Proper Name from the exterior or interior of University Facility shall be submitted in writing to the Office of the University President, with a supporting explanation; except that the University President may, in his or her sole discretion, delegate naming authority of the interior of a University Facility to a Controlled Affiliated Organization or a Non-Controlled Affiliated Organization.
      2. Supporting Explanation. Proposals shall include an explanation in support of the proposed name or honoree, or in support of the removal of the name, that describes the basis or justification of the proposal. For naming or renaming requests, the explanation should clearly document a distinguished career; significant and recognized regional or national accomplishments; extraordinary contributions of a scholarly, professional, artistic or public service nature related to the University's mission; acknowledge and express appreciation for financial support of the University; and/or an established relationship with the University and its long-term objectives. For name removal requests, the explanation should include the reasons for the request, including any negative effect that the continued use of the name has on the University.
      3. Review of Proposal. In considering any such proposal, the University President may consult with appropriate staff members, the Office of Strategic Communications, and the Office of General Counsel for such issues that may arise with regard to trademark and copyright restrictions, branding strategies, and compliance with state laws and policies.
    2. Procedures for Dedication Signage

      Dedication Signage shall be submitted to the Office of the University President for approval, upon the review and recommendation of the Office of Strategic Communications and the Office of Facilities Planning. Additional reviews may be required as set forth in Policy 20.11 / Use of the University's Name, Seal, Logos or Marks.

    3. Submission to KBOR

      If approved by the University President, the proposed naming, renaming, name removal, or dedication shall be submitted to KBOR for approval when required under KBOR policies, as determined by the Office of General Counsel.

  6. Applicable Laws And Additional Resources

    1. KBOR Policy Manual, Ch. II, Section E.13, Naming of Buildings, Facilities, and Campuses
    2. WSU Policy 20.11 / Use of the University's Name, Seal, Logos or Marks
  7. Revision Dates

    1. February 13, 2017
    2. August 22, 2023