11.06 / Naming of University Facilities

  1. Purpose

    To state University policy with regard to the naming of University facilities, including, but not limited to rooms, suites, classrooms, corridors, auditoriums, etc., and to complement Board of Regents policies on the naming of buildings and academic units.1

  2. Policy

    No University facilities or grounds, or any part thereof, shall be dedicated to or named for any individual, partnership, corporation, entity, or person or otherwise given some designation without the advance written consent and approval of the President of the University.

    Any proposal to dedicate, name, or designate any University facilities or grounds shall be submitted to the President, in writing and with supporting explanation or justification, prior to any communication with a proposed honoree. The supporting explanation or justification should clearly document a distinguished career; significant and recognized regional or national accomplishments; extraordinary contributions of a scholarly, professional, artistic or public service nature related to the University's mission; acknowledge and express appreciation for financial support of the University; and/or an established relationship with the University and its long-term objectives. In considering any such proposal, the President shall consult with appropriate staff members and the Associate Vice President for Facilities.

    In situations where University facilities or grounds, or any part thereof, have been dedicated to or named for any individual, partnership, corporation, entity or person, the University reserves the right to withdraw the designation or name if, in the sole opinion of the University, the individual, partnership, corporation, entity or person has come into disrepute in the University or in the general community so as to reflect negatively or adversely upon the University.

    Any naming made pursuant to this policy shall remain in effect until such time as the University determines the facility has exceeded its useful life or the facility's continued use has become impossible or impractical.

1See Item 13 in Chapter II, Section E of the Board of Regents Policy Manual relating to the Naming of Buildings and Item 9 in Chapter II, Section A relating to the Naming of Academic Units.

(Note: The reader should also refer to Fund-Raising Efforts Involving Naming Opportunities (Other Than Buildings or Facilities) at Section 20.10 of this manual.)