11.09 / Pyrotechnics

  1. Policy

    1. The Pyrotechnic Policy for Wichita State University will comply with codes and standards adopted by the Kansas State Fire Marshal with the following requirements:

      1. A plan for the use of Pyrotechnics in University facilities should be submitted to the Fire Safety Office four weeks prior to the intended use for approval.

      2. No pyrotechnics or open flame allowed in Wilner Auditorium.

      3. The authority having jurisdiction, at their discretion, may require off-duty Fire Department personnel to stand by as a fire watch.

      4. Safety containers will be made available for extinguishment of flash pots, flame devices, or cigarettes immediately upon leaving the stage.

      5. Fire protection equipment will be required by the authority having jurisdiction.

      6. The authority having jurisdiction shall take such action as is necessary to insure the safety of persons, and therewith may order any performance, presentations, or entertainment being conducted to cease.

    2. Copies of the applicable codes and standards may be obtained from the University Fire Safety Office.