11.10 / Poster/Flyer Policy for University Grounds and Facilities

  1. Policy

    1. This policy pertains to the placement, or display of publicity or advertising material including, but not limited to: posters/flyers, placards, banners, student election campaign material, announcements, yard signs, portable signs, and other such temporary or nonpermanent communications devices (hereinafter "posters/flyers"; or "poster/flyer").

      1. Posters/flyers shall be affixed with masking tape or with thumb tacks on departmental or college bulletin boards and the public bulletin board on the first floor of the RSC. Any materials (staples, glue, nails, cellophane tape, etc.) which could cause damage shall not be used to affix posters/flyers to surfaces. To attach materials to the concrete kiosks, duct tape is available at the University Information Center in the Rhatigan Student Center.

      2. The posting of non-university posters/flyers, including advertisements for the sale of products or services, is limited to the following campus locations:

        1. The 13 concrete kiosks located on campus (use duct tape available at the University Information Center in the RSC).

        2. The public bulletin board located on the first floor of the RSC.

      3. Banners may be tied (or temporarily affixed) to the fence surrounding the intramural playfield or RSC balcony. Contact the RSC Reservations Office at 978-3475 to use the balcony space. Contact the Heskett Center at 978-3082 to use the intramural playfield fence.

      4. Posters/flyers may not be placed on the following:

        1. Exterior or interior surfaces of buildings.

        2. Sidewalks; utility poles; trees; automobiles or other vehicles; sculpture or other outdoor artwork; entry, directional, informational, or traffic signs; pillars; and other similar surfaces.

      5. In connection with authorized student election campaigns:

        1. Candidates for election must follow SGA election policies regarding the placement and number of publicity items allowed and when campaigning may begin.

        2. Student election campaign materials may be posted on departmental or college bulletin boards.

        3. Student election campaign materials shall be removed within three days after the applicable student election.

        4. Yard signs may be used for student election campaign materials associated with student elections.

      6. Chalking of University facilities is not permitted.

      7. Yard signs are not permitted except as provided for in paragraph 5.d. of this policy.

      8. Paint shall not be applied to any surface on campus.

      9. Posters which, when wet, might discolor the surface upon which they are mounted, shall not be permitted and if posted shall be removed by university employees. A fine may be assessed against the organization placing or displaying the poster/flyer for any repairs or clean-up charges associated with damage to facilities.

      10. Posters/flyers shall not exceed 18" x 24", must be dated, and contain appropriate print and content for the University community. The organization placing or displaying the poster/flyer must be identified on each poster/flyer.

      11. Posters/flyers not posted in accordance with this policy will be removed by University employees.