11.28 / Use of State Lands

  1. Purpose

    Wichita State University (“University”) promotes an open and transparent process in the development, design, construction, and improvement of University Land. The University adheres to all state and federal laws and Kansas Board of Regents policies in such projects. In addition to these laws and policies, the University deems it in the best interest of the University to require assurances from third parties as set forth in this policy.

  2. Definitions

    For the purpose of this policy only, the following definitions shall apply:

    1. Affiliated Entity. “Affiliated Entity” shall mean Wichita State Innovation Alliance, Inc.
    2. Assurances. “Assurances” shall mean a notarized statement, published advertisement, or a copy of a written communication, such as an e-mail or letter.
    3. Land Beneficiary. A “Land Beneficiary” shall mean any individual, corporation, organization or entity (including any Affiliated Entity) who is a party to a Lease Agreement. For purposes of this policy, the University is excluded from the definition of a “Land Beneficiary.”
    4. Lease Agreement. A “Lease Agreement” shall mean a land lease for any University Land.
    5. University Land. Any real property owned or controlled by the University or an Affiliated Entity.
  3. Policy Statement

    Land Beneficiaries shall provide to the University Chief Financial Officer and General Counsel, as a condition to any Lease Agreement, Assurances that more than one individual, corporation, organization or entity was provided an opportunity to perform design, development, or construction work on the University Land that is subject to the Lease Agreement. This policy shall not be applied retroactively to any Lease Agreement executed or approved by the Kansas Board of Regents prior to the effective date of this policy.