15.01 / Operating Policies

  1. Policy

    Central Services has two main divisions; the Office Supply Storeroom and the digital print center. The Office Supply Storeroom maintains a stock of office supplies commonly used by all offices. The digital print center is equipped with high speed digital printers to provide printing and bindery services.

    1. Who May Use Central Services

      Central Services provides services for the University and organizations closely related to the University, including state and national professional and educational organizations with which University faculty and staff are affiliated. Applications for accounts receivable billing can be obtained at the Central Services Office located in Room 010, Morrison Hall. For their convenience, University faculty and staff may take advantage of these services on behalf of community and other service organizations with which University faculty and staff are affiliated; provided, however, that services for such organizations must be on a cash basis and are subject to state sales tax.

    2. Placing an Order

      When placing an order for supplies or services from Central Services, have the following information available:

      1. The name of the department or organization to be charged.

      2. The organization (department) and fund number to be charged.

      3. The name and telephone number of an individual to contact with regard to the order.

      4. The required delivery date and an indication of the urgency of the order.

    3. Sales Tax

      Pursuant to state statute, exemption from sales tax applies only to services and products purchased by the University, the WSU Foundation, the WSU Board of Trustees, and the WSU Intercollegiate Athletic Association, Inc. Services and products sold to other affiliated corporations, i.e. the WSU Alumni Association and the WSU Union Corporation, and professional organizations are generally taxable regardless of their nonprofit status.

    4. Billing

      Billings are processed via interfund through Banner each week for all University and research funded accounts. Statements for all other accounts are issued at the end of each month and payment is due within 30 days.