15.02 / Office Supply Storeroom

  1. Policy

    1. Use of Office Supply Storeroom

      All office products, regardless of the source of funds--general use, restricted use, or grant or research funding--must be purchased through the Office Supply Storeroom (hereinafter "Storeroom"). The Storeroom must also be used for purchases made using funding held in accounts at the WSU Board of Trustees or the WSU Foundation.

      If the Storeroom is unable to meet the particular supply need, the Manager of Central Services will issue a letter of waiver to the department authorizing a purchase outside the University.

      The following types of expenditures should not be purchased through the current office supply catalog without prior consent from the University's Office of Purchasing:

      1. Food for departmental activities.

      2. Food-related equipment such as coffee pots and microwave ovens.

      3. Equipment costing more than $500.

    2. What is Carried in Stock

      The Storeroom maintains a stock of office supplies commonly used by all campus offices. The on-line supply catalog, containing descriptions and pictures of all supplies carried, is reviewed and updated periodically and posted to the Central Services website. Prices listed on the website are in effect at the time of posting but may not be current due to vendor pricing changes. Questions concerning the on-line catalog and/or current prices should be directed to the storekeeper.

  2. Procedure

    1. How to Obtain Supplies

      Items may be obtained at the supply window. Supplies are purchased by the Storeroom in large quantities and warehoused until issued to campus departments. Customers need to know their organization (department) and fund numbers and, if possible, the product number.

      Large quantities of supplies, ordered in advance, will generally be delivered by Physical Plant personnel on Wednesdays. However, there is a limit of ten cases of paper per order for delivery. Customers may order supplies for delivery by filling out one of the supply requisition forms available at the Storeroom or by using the on-line shopping cart on the Central Services website. Orders must be submitted by noon on Monday for orders to be included among the deliveries made on the Wednesday of that same week. Orders received after that deadline will be delivered the following week.

    2. Stocking New Items

      Departments may request stocking of new items by sending a written request to the Manager of Central Services. The following information should be provided for each item:

      1. A thorough description, including specifications, possible vendors, manufacturer, and manufacturer or vendor catalog page number.

      2. Estimated usage for one year, giving a range of minimum to maximum.

      3. The stock number and a brief description of the item being replaced, if the item being requested is to replace an item currently in stock by the Storeroom.

    3. How to Purchase Items Not Stocked

      Items not kept in stock in the Storeroom may be purchased by special order. Such items may be selected from a special supply catalog and placed on order at the supply window or by using the on-line shopping cart on the Central Services website. Most special orders are received the next day; however some may take several days to be delivered.

    4. Stocking Departmental Storerooms

      The Storeroom maintains an adequate stock on hand of high-usage items. Drawing unusually large quantities of stock from the Storeroom to support departmental storerooms can cause out-of-stock situations to develop at the expense of other departments.

    5. Return Policy

      Storeroom policy is to allow full credit for damaged or defective goods issued to its customers. Return the damaged/defective items as soon as possible to the Storeroom supply window (prompt return will assist them in getting the responsible vendor to correct the situation). All returns of stock items must be accompanied by a copy of the original supply invoice. Credit for all returns is at the discretion of the Central Services Manager and is subject to the condition of the item and time elapsed since purchase. Unused items purchased in error can be returned subject to a 15 percent re-stocking fee.

      Return of special order items must be accompanied by a copy of the original invoice and all original packaging. Special order items are nonreturnable after 30 days because the Storeroom is not able to return the item to the vendor for credit. This is why it is essential that the person who will be using the item is the person who should come to the Storeroom to place the order. Departments should submit warranty information to the manufacturer as soon as possible. In the event of an equipment malfunction after the return date, departments will be required to follow warranty instructions to obtain a repair or replacement.

      In the event that the product or service of a state-contracted vendor is less than satisfactory, a complaint to vendor form may be filed. The forms are available at the Purchasing Office and, upon their completion, should be returned to Purchasing for processing. As is indicated on the form's instructions, the complaint goes to the state prior to being sent to the vendor, and the state requests notification from the vendor of action taken in response to the complaint.