19.13 / Utilization of University Network

  1. Purpose

    The purpose of this statement is to set forth University policy with regard to utilization of the University's network infrastructure.

  2. Preamble

    Because of security, utilization and operational requirements, it is necessary and appropriate that the University, acting through Information Technology Services (ITS), control usage of University computing and information technology resources with regard to what hardware/software is used; what data is transported; and what devices are connected to the University network infrastructure.

  3. Policy

    1. ITS shall supply and manage all wired and wireless computer networking equipment connected to the University network infrastructure. The connection of non-ITS-managed networking equipment, including, but not limited to, equipment to share a network connection with more than one device, is specifically prohibited.

    2. ITS shall control and manage use of the University's network infrastructure addresses and names.

    3. ITS shall support only current hardware/software platforms and the connection of older-version workstations to the University network infrastructure is prohibited.

    4. Servers not registered and approved by ITS shall not be connected to the University network infrastructure.

    5. The use of a virtual private network (VPN) connection is required to connect to campus PC's from off-campus.

    6. The Chief Information Officer shall develop and enforce specific guidelines regarding the nature of data that can be moved to local devices and/or mobile devices.

  4. Implementation

    This policy shall be included in the WSU Policies and Procedures Manual and shared with appropriate constituencies of the University.

    The Chief Information Officer shall have primary responsibility for publication, dissemination and implementation of this University policy.