20.03 / Closing the University in the Event of Severe Weather or Other Emergency Situations

  1. Policy

    1. All decisions to close or suspend operations shall be made by the President, or the President's designee.
    2. In most circumstances, that decision should be made in consultation with the chief business officer, chief academic officer and chief student affairs officer, or their designees. After a decision is made, it should be shared with the President's Executive Team and with leaders most responsible for implementing the decision, such as those in the Physical Plant and University Police Department.
    3. Once a decision is made, Strategic Communications should widely communicate the decision and other relevant information to students, employees, organizers of on-campus events, media and public.
    4. The Director of Intercollegiate Athletics, or the Director's designee, in consultation with the President, or the President's designee, shall determine if scheduled athletic competitions should be held, postponed or canceled.