20.08 / Workforce, Professional & Community Education

  1. Purpose

    To ensure the most cost-effective use of University resources and staff time, and to ensure University activities appropriately and consistently reflect the University's mission.

  2. Policy

    Programs being done in the name of the University, at which external audiences (non-degree seeking) are expected, and either 1) a program registration fee is charged or underwritten (e.g. grants, sponsorships, research funds), or 2) continuing education units (CEUs, contact hours, or other profession-specific credits) or academic credits are offered, must be coordinated through the Office for Workforce, Professional & Community Education (WPCE), and that office will be partially funded through coordination fees charged to program sponsors.

  3. Implementation

    1. Campus units submit a planning and approval form to WPCE as soon as a decision is made to offer a program (conferences, courses, workshops, institutes, symposiums, seminars, etc.) using the University's name (click here for web page with planning and approval form and instructions).

    2. Upon receipt of the planning and approval form, the Assistant Director of WPCE will review the form to determine if the activity falls within the scope of WPCE or if an exemption should be issued.

    3. When a program falls within the scope of WPCE, WPCE will meet with the requesting unit to determine the following: budget, marketing plan and publicity, timeline, and WPCE fee based on the total number of staff hours required to produce the event.

  4. Exemptions

    In the event a campus unit does not agree with the determination of the Assistant Director of WPCE, the unit may submit its exemption request to the Director of WPCE who will review the request with the Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs. Alternatively, the divisional vice president may grant an exemption.