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Goal 1: Cultural

Foster a culture of sustainability that permeates all aspects of our university experience and promotes civic engagement.
Activate Student Groups
Reach out to student groups to help them find places to engage on campus around sustainability.
Engage the Community
Engage K-12 institutions and other organizations to support civic engagement around sustainability issues
Host an annual Environment & Sustainability Conference.
Reuse and Recycle Store
Create a space for students, faculty, and staff to share items such as clothing and other reusable materials.
Develop a plan to establish annual Environmental & Sustainability Fellowships.
Campus Expansion
Promote sustainability as a vital consideration during the planning, construction, and landscaping phases of new buildings, modifications to existing buildings, and future projects
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Goal 2: Efficiency

Develop and promote initiatives that lead to greater efficiencies and responsible use of resources.
Reduce Water Consumption
Reduce Water Consumption.
Reduce Energy Consumption
Reduce Energy Consumption.
Reduce Waste Production
Reduce Waste Production.
Measure Carbon Footprint of University
Measure Carbon Footprint of University.
Reduce Carbon Footprint of University
Reduce Carbon Footprint of University.
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Goal 3: Curriculum

Design a dynamic, adaptive curriculum that views sustainability in a holistic manner.
Freshmen Seminar Courses
Promote sustainability mindset through freshmen seminar courses.
Alternative Credentials
Develop alternative credential courses based on sustainability concepts.
Sustainability Certificates
Develop sustainability certificates.
Sustainability Undergraduate Degree
Develop an interdisciplinary 4-year degree framework.
Sustainability Graduate Degree
Develop an interdisciplinary graduate degree framework.
Offer regular Environment & Sustainability Colloquium/Workshops for the campus community.
Curriculum Database
Develop a central database with curriculum modules/tools focused on improved efficiency and responsible use of resources.
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Goal 4: Applied Learning

Provide applied learning and research opportunities for sustainability that address societal challenges and develop skills for workforce success.
Promote Sustainability Research
Identify and promote sustainability related research initiatives.
Establish a working group of faculty focused on development of educational grant proposals.
Service Learning
Partner with Service Learning group and develop a plan for sustainability projects.
Applied Learning
Develop a proposal to establish seed funding for applied learning opportunities focused on sustainability.
Coordinate Research
Coordinate existing sustainability related research at WSU.
Boost Transdisciplinary Research
Cultivate and increase transdisciplinary sustainability-related research.
Promote Sustainability in Research Activities
Implement best sustainable practices in all areas of WSU research.
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Goal 5: Transparency

Promote and transparently communicate University sustainability priorities and initiatives through a shared governance process.
Increase visibility
Enhance visibility of sustainability initiatives through digital communication channels.
Progress reports
Provide regular progress reports on achievement of sustainability goals.
Celebrate sustainability
Celebrate past, present and future sustainability initiatives.
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Goal 6: Planning

Establish and maintain an ongoing process to review and refine WSU sustainability plan.
Sustainability Committee
Create a standing Sustainability Committee.
Expand the sustainability plan
Revise and expand the Sustainability plan as appropriate based on progress, new opportunities and increased capacity to pursue sustainability initiatives.