Where can applied learning at Wichita State take you? Just ask our current students and recent grads who've taken advantage of our unmatched opportunities to discover their dream careers, conduct groundbreaking research and, ultimately, make a positive impact on their futures—and the lives of others.

Student athlete gains experience through KMUW internship

Student athlete, Gertrude “Trudy” Martin, is a senior at Wichita State University studying Electronic Media. Her internship with KMUW is giving her an applied learning experience to expand her potential career opportunities.
Trudy is a member of the Shocker track and field team and spends her days at practice, in class, and working as an engagement intern at KMUW.

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Suzie Garcia playing with child at the CDC.
Having someone who’s done it before and work me through it – that's the most valuable experience that I've gotten.
Emmalie Gulledge, WSU Ventures intern


I've been able to build my writing portfolio and get a great experience.
Grant Cohen, journalism major, Washington Professional Football Team intern


It's so different when I'm sitting there with a girl telling me her story and she's 16. There's so much emotion in it. If I didn't have that applied learning, I don't think I would be as good when I graduate because I don't have that experience.
Rheanna Pierce, social work graduate student, Rise Up for Youth Inc.


Before the internship, it felt like I was learning because I had to. Now, I'm in the internship, applying what I'm learning and doing what I love.
Jimmy Vu, computer science major, Ennovar


CES 2020 Innovation award
Viv02, a company created by two Wichita State students, earned a 2020 Innovation Award and was named one of the top three things to see at the worldwide Consumer Electronics Show.
Students interns working at FirePoint
Wichita State students work at Firepoint and learn research and networking skills as part of their applied learning experience. Their experiences can connect them with military and labs and technologies that spark an interest in a career opportunity.
First-gen student takes part in global leadership program
Junior business management major Maribel Sanchez is taking full advantage of the opportunities provided by Wichita State. She is a first-generation student, Gore Scholar, studied abroad in the Netherlands this past summer and was invited to speak at a national conference.
Airbus interns around the table

Airbus at Wichita State hires many students to fill vital roles in the company’s operations. The interns place great pride in their work and depend on each other to solve real problems.


Khyati Mahavadia
Khyati Mahavadia has always had a fascination with airplanes. She chose Wichita State to launch her career because of WSU's engineering program and connection to the aerospace industry.
Riverfest parade
Ever wonder how the floats are chosen for the Wichita Riverfest Sundown Parade? Turns out the people working behind the scenes to make one of Wichita's most popular events a success are none other than a Wichita State instructor and a group of art students.
WSU team creates robotic 3D hand for local boy
A local 3rd grader was born without a fully developed left hand. When his mother heard about the technology and talent available at WSU in the area of 3D printing, she reached out. Engineering major Chelsea Sewell got to work to see how she could help.
Rachel Ziska
As a criminal justice major, Rachel Ziska helped children in the community by working as a corrections officer for Sedgwick County’s Juvenile Residential Facility. Helping shape the minds of the developing younger generation, Rachel gained experience in a facility that gives positive reinforcement to children who need it the most.
Piyush Kalra
A WSU grad student and two of his professors have received national attention for a device they created that could make a huge difference in the research of orofacial function and disorders.
Tammy Dorsey
One in 10 babies suffers from fetal acidosis, or a lack of oxygen during birth. Mother of five and Wichita State University student Tammy Dorsey has developed the Pedi-Cell, a noninvasive diagnostic tool that will close a huge clinical gap in the prenatal industry and make child birth safer.
Professor Donald Blakeslee knew something was different about this place. What he didn't expect, however, was the immediate response he would receive from around the world.
Luis Cisneros
Luis Cisneros spent 10 weeks interning at NASA in Mountain View, California. Some of the hands-on experience he received was working on the Mars 2020 mission, as well as working with electric vertical takeoff landing vehicles that are human operated and is what we envision of flying cars.
Trudy Martin

Student athlete Gertrude "Trudy" Martin is a fifth-year senior at Wichita State studying electronic media in the Elliott School of Communication. Trudy is a member of the Shocker track and field team and spends her days at practice, in class and working as an engagement intern at KMUW.

Grant Cohen
Senior Grant Cohen believes that big dreams can lead to bigger opportunities. He proved this by landing a dream internship with the Washington Redskins summer.
Shocker Studios
Shocker Studios is a unique and growing facility where students can work in state-of-the-art video, audio, animation and gaming studios.
Biology interns working at a local brewery.
As a new intern at a local brewery, Wichita State biology student Alex Zeorlin is learning the finer points of lab testing beer from fellow student Alexandrea Feldkamp, WSU's first intern at Wichita Brewing Co.