ISLE Registration Quick-Guide

Welcome to the Intervention Services & Leadership in Education’s Registration Quick-Guide. You’ve been provided a copy of an Advising Worksheet with a course sequence, and this guide can direct you in how to quickly register for courses. If you encounter registration issues, please contact the department advisors or and include your name, WSU ID, the semester and course you are attempting to register and a description of any error messages. Screen-shots are welcome.

Login to myWSU and go to the myClasses tab of the page

  1. Click the link below to go to the myWSU login page, or copy and paste the address into your web browser:
  2. Once you have logged into your myWSU, go to the myClasses tab by clicking on “myClasses”
  3. Next, click the “Student Registration (Banner 9)” link located within the Registration Tools box.

Image shows myWSU page open to the myClasses tab and instructs student to click on the Student Regsitration (Banner 9) link. the first three steps

Select Register/Drop/View My Schedule

  1. Click the “Register/Drop/View My Schedule” link.
    1. Alternatively, if registration has yet to open, but the schedule has been published, the “Browse Class Schedule by Term” link can be used to view courses that will be available.

Image displays the Registation page options and instructs student to click on the REgister/Drop/View My Schedule Link. It alternatively suggest clicking on the Browse Class Schedule by Term link if registration is not yet open but the schedule is available for viewing.

Select a Term

  1. Click the drop-down menu
  2. Select the term you are registering (example: Summer 2023)

Image shows the Select a Term page and instructs the student to click on the drop-down menu to select the term they are seeking to register.

Find Classes

ISLE department courses use one of four subject abbreviations:

  • CESP = Counseling and School Psychology
  • CLES = Counseling, Educational leadership, Educational & School Psychology
  • ISLE = Intervention Services & Leadership in Education
  • EL = Educational Leadership

For this example of locating a course, we will use CESP 803 Counseling Theory.

  1. Type “CESP” in the Subject search field. “Counseling and School Psy” will display. Click the displayed result or press the Enter key on your keyboard.
  2. Type “803” in the Course Number Field.
  3. Click the Search button located at the bottom.

Image is the Find Classes tab of the course search tool. The student is instructed to insert the course subject (for example CESP) in the subject field, and then to enter the course number in the Course Number field (for example 803). Finally, the student is instructed to press the search button to perform the search.

Adding a Course Section

  1. Click the “Add” button to add the course to your course summary. In a new panel below, the course will show a pending status until the “Submit” button is selected.
  2. Click “Submit” to register for the course.

Search results are displayed and a single course is shown. Students are instructed to click the add buttom for the course they want to register.


A larger image displaying the submit button on the registration page's lower, right hand corner is shown. Students are instructed to click the submit button to official complete their registation in the course.

Registration is confirmed when the registration status shows “Registered.”

An image is shown of the confirmed registration with the word Registration highlighted in green.

Reviewing Registered Course

For an overview of the course that you have registered, viewing the “Schedule Details” is helpful.

  1. Click “Schedule Details”
  2. Scroll down if there are multiple course, or click the small arrow to expand the panel for a larger view.

An image is shown of the Schedule Details tab being selected and the option to resize the panel so more can be viewed without needing to scroll as much to view more courses in the summary. Students are instructed to reivew the courses they have registered in.

Additional Tips

  • Multiple courses can be added before pressing “submit” to finalize your registration.
  • It may be possible that an instructor will permit a student to register in a class that has met capacity. Check with the instructor. If they give permission, they will instruct an ISLE academic advisor (Angela Aubrey or Grant Seymour) to permit you to join the course.
  • Registration errors and restriction messages are displayed in the upper, right-hand corner when a course cannot be successfully added. These courses will default to “remove” and pressing submit will finalize the removal. Contact your academic advisor for assistance with resolving registration errors.