Dyslexia and Literacy Graduate Certificate


The certificate is a 16-credit-hour graduate certificate that showcases your extended learning regarding literacy and dyslexia. This program provides graduate-level studies in literacy for educators who wish to:

  1. Advance their knowledge and skills of teaching literacy in the classroom, and
  2. Integrate literacy into all content areas

It provides advanced study for teachers and educators seeking lead positions in buildings where literacy is a focus for federal legislation and state accreditation.

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Program Checksheet

The Course Checksheet can help you track the courses you have taken or need to take. A course checksheet and a course rotation schedule is below*. Students must also complete and submit the Dyslexia & Literacy Certificate Attestation Form.

Course Name Credit Hours Semester
ISLE 615 Learning and Reading Strategies 3 Spring
ISLE 705 Science of Reading 2 Summer
ISLE 714 Reading instruction and Assessment 3 Fall
ISLE 734 Interventions for Dyslexia & Other Reading Related Disorders 3 Fall
ISLE 736 Dyslexia and the Brain 2 Summer
ISLE 821 Dyslexia and Literacy Practicum 3 Spring

*Students will need to complete and file a Plan of Study for the Certificate Program with their advisor.

*If interested in the Reading Specialist Endorsement, visit with the advisor to learn about licensure requirements.