Masters of Arts in Teaching - Early Childhood Unified w/ concentration in Elementary Education Unified Details

The WSU MAT-ECU/EEU program reflects what is currently known about best practices in early childhood teacher preparation. With an emphasis on urban schools, the program prepares teaching residents to meet the needs of children with and without disabilities in varied settings. The MAT-ECU/EEU teacher program was developed using a PDS philosophy that centers on shared responsibility for teacher preparation between universities and schools as well as a shared responsibility for students learning. It involves students working in classrooms as paraprofessionals while working on their graduate degree and initial licensure.


The program is limited to individuals who have:

  1. Completed at least a BA/BS degree from an accredited higher education institution prior to entry into the program.
  2. A GPA of 3.0 in the last sixty hours of graded coursework (or 2.75 to be admitted on probationary status).

Program of Study

The MAT ECU/EEU program is offered for students seeking initial KSDE licensure in early childhood unified with concentration in elementary education unified: birth through sixth grade. Program Checksheet

Required Courses

  • CAS 501 Teacher Licensure Capstone (0)
  • SPED 603 Foundations of Early Childhood Unified (2)
  • SPED 614 ECU Methods and Assessment: Infant/Toddlers (3)
  • SPED 617 ECU Assessment and Methods: Preschool (3)
  • ISLE 712 Health Movement & Physical Activity (2)
  • ISLE 738 Elementary Methods and Assessment: ELA and Social Studies (3)
  • ISLE 739 Elementary Methods and Assessment: Math and Science (3)
  • ISLE 711 Diversity & Inclusion (2)
  • CESP 729 Theory Early Childhood Development (3)
  • ISLE 740 Universal Design for Learning (UDL) (1)
  • ISLE 741 Learning and Educational Assessment (2)
  • ISLE 742 Integrating Learning Through the Arts and Movement (2)
  • ISLE 743 Internship I (1)
  • ISLE 744 Internship II (1)
  • ISLE 748 Internship III (1)
  • ISLE 749 Internship IV (1)
  • SPED 796 Family and Professional Collaboration (2)

Capstone Courses

  • ISLE 860 Seminar in Research Problems (2)
  • ISLE 862 Evidence Based Inquiry:  Professional Research Preparation (1)
  • ISLE 863 Professional Research Presentation (1)

Total Hours: 36

Additional information

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** Please note that full admission to the WSU MAT Early Childhood Unified with concentration in Elementary Education Unified program is not given until all prerequisites have been met and candidates are employed.