Reading Specialist Program Requirements


The WSU Reading Specialist advanced program will allow you, through authentic, research-based activities, to make a positive difference in the lives of readers. When you complete the program, you will be eligible for a professional license in the Reading Specialist area.
Graduate standing (degree or nondegree bound).


The Reading Specialist program requires

  • (a) 18 hours of reading specialist coursework, including a practicum, and
  • (b) a master's degree. In addition, the State of Kansas requires candidates who complete a reading specialist program and want this conditional endorsement to possess
  • (c) two years' teaching experience in an accredited P-12 school,
  • (d) a valid Kansas license, and
  • (e) passing scores on the reading content test required by the KSBE.

Candidates who meet the above criteria must then apply for conditional endorsement as a reading specialist through the College of Applied Studies Advising Center Office by completing the appropriate form and paying the licensure fee. The KSBE requires a candidate receiving the conditional license as a reading specialist to complete a two-semester (4 credit hour) internship as a reading specialist to receive the professional reading specialist license. The internship must be completed within a year for those teaching full-time or two years for those teaching half-time.

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Program Checksheet

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Program Checksheet

Program Outline

Generally, candidates complete one reading specialist course per semester and two during the summer. Most will be able to complete coursework in two years. Candidates are strongly encouraged to consult the advisor for the program to develop a plan of study. Candidates who do not hold a master's degree will need three to four years to complete both the master's degree and the reading specialist program.