Business Administration

Bachelor of Business Administration 

If you want to pursue a broad-based business undergraduate program, the Business Administration major is for you. The program is ideal for you if you want to pursue a career in general management, open a business, or work for a small or medium-sized corporation.

Because this program requires increased knowledge in all basic business disciplines and functions, you will be prepared to perform various tasks within a firm, rather than specialize within one area. Business Administration majors are strongly encouraged to minor in one or two specific business disciplines.

Foundation Skills
ENGL 100/101 – College English I
ENGL 102 – College English II
COMM 111 – Public Speaking
MATH 111 or 112 – College Algebra or Pre-Calculus
General Education
Fine Arts Intro
Hum Intro 
Econ 201 
Math 144 
*First Year Seminar    Please See an Advisor  
     IB 333 
     ENTR 310 
     FA/HUM/MNS 300+ level
Advanced Standing Requirements
MATH 144  – Business Calculus
ECON 201 – Macroeconomics
ECON 202 – Microeconomics
ECON 231 – Business Statistics
ECON 232 – Statistical Software Applications - 1 cr.
BADM 100 - Exploring the World of Business
BADM 162 – Business Software: Excel - 1 cr.
ACCT 210 – Financial Accounting
ACCT 220 – Managerial Accounting
NOTE: All courses are 3 credits unless noted otherwise
Business Core Requirements
MKT 300 – Marketing
ENTR 310 – The Entrepreneurial Experience
IB 333 – International Business
FIN 340 – Financial Management Fundamentals
DS 350 – Operations Management
MGMT 360 – Principles of Management
MIS 395 – Management Information Systems
BLAW 431 – Legal Environment of Business
MGMT 681 – Strategic Management
Business Administration Major Requirements
MKT 405 – Consumer Behavior
MGMT 463 – Building Remarkable Teams
HRM 466 – Fundamentals of Human Resources
   Or, ECON 660 – Labor Economics
IB Elective
Select one of the following
IB 450 – Negotiating Across Cultures
IB 561 – International Economics & Business
IB 600 – International Management
IB 601 – International Marketing
IB 602 – Legal Environment of International Business
IB 625 – International Financial Management
Directed Electives
Select 9 credit hours of directed electives
Upper division business electives from the following business disciplines (must be spread over at least two disciplines): accounting, business analytics, decision sciences, economics, entrepreneurship, finance, management information systems or real estate.
Specific Requirements for the Business Administration Major
  • All majors must have at least 12 unduplicated credit hours.
  • Credit hours in Coop (481) may not be counted towards the General Business major.
  • General Business major consists of 21 credit hours. Some courses have prerequisites.

Business Administration Degree Completion Plan PDF