Instructions for how to submit an Application for Degree (or AFD)

Below, we've listed the instructions for submitting an on-line Application for Degree (AFD) through your myWSU portal by the deadline of October 1st for December (fall) graduates, or March 1st for May & August (spring & summer) graduates:

Finding the Application for Degree: Log onto the myWSU portal, navigate to the “myClasses” tab, find the “Graduation Links” box, and click on the “Application for Degree” link.

Step 1: The first page should auto-populate the student’s declared major(s) and, if applicable, minor(s).  Please verify your name is listed in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.  If everything on the page is accurate, please click the box at the bottom that says “I acknowledge that the information listed above is correct” to continue.  If the information is not correct, please click “Exit” at the bottom of the page and contact the Barton School of Business Graduation Coordinator at (316) 978-6554 or to update your information prior to completing your Application for Degree.

Step 2: The second page will display the type of degrees available to Business students.  Select the degree you wish to receive and the term you plan to complete ALL degree requirements.  If you are NOT receiving an associates degree or a certificate, please do not select these options.  Note: Only terms available for filing will display; if you wish to file your AFD for a later term than those listed, please wait one semester and then try to submit your AFD again.  Once you have completed this page, verify all of the information shown is correct and then click “Continue” to advance to the next page.

Step 3: Please read directions carefully and follow all instructions.  Begin by entering your name exactly as you wish for it to appear on your diploma.  Your legal name will be auto-populated into the box, but if you wish to make changes, you may do so.  If your name requires special characters, please contact the Registrar’s Office at (316) 978-3672 or  If you have legally changed your name recently, please file an official Change of Name form with the Office of the Registrar.  Next, choose whether or not you wish to grant permission for your name to be printed in the commencement program.  Then, enter your email address.  The phone number and mailing address that are listed on your student file will auto-populate; if you would like to make changes, please visit: myWSU portal > “Student Resources” tab > “myTools” box > “Student Address Change” link.  Finally, verify the Degree Selected information is correct.  Note: Only select the “Add a Certificate” option if you know you are earning a Business Analytics Certificate.  Otherwise, please skip this step.  If all of the information on this page is correct, please click “Submit Application for Degree.”

Step 4: This page will confirm that your Application for Degree has been successfully submitted.  Verify all the information listed is correct.  If so, please click “Exit.”  If not, please contact the Barton School of Business Graduation Coordinator at (316) 978-6554 or

Step 5: Please check the email account listed on the confirmation page of Step 4 (it will be the email address you provided for Step 3) to ensure the Application for Degree confirmation email was successfully received.

Click here for a downloadable PDF document with image examples for completing your AFD