Information Technology & Management Information Systems 

Bachelor of Business Administration 

Department of Finance, Real Estate, and Decision Sciences (F.R.E.D.S)

In a technology bound society, companies rely on information technology (IT) and management information systems (MIS) to provide data to make business decisions. Management information systems are designed to support the complete computing system in a company. This includes software systems, databases, hardware resources, project applications, and any other computerized process used to help a company function efficiently

Managers use management information systems to gather and process large amounts of data to analyze where the company has been and forecast where the company is going. Management information systems are vital for production/operations management and supply chain management decisions. Management information systems professionals may specialize in systems analysis, database design, application or maintenance programming, networking, project management, telecommunications, electronic commerce, and web development.

Foundation Skills
ENGL 100/101 – College English I
ENGL 102 – College English II
COMM 111 – Public Speaking
MATH 111 or 112 – College Algebra or Pre-Calculus
General Education Requirements
Fine Arts Intro
Hum Intro 
Econ 201 
Math 144 
*First Year Seminar    Please See an Advisor   
     IB 333
     ENTR 310
     FA/HUM/MNS 300+ level
Advanced Standing Requirements
MATH 144  – Business Calculus
ECON 201 – Macroeconomics
ECON 202 – Microeconomics
ECON 231 – Business Statistics
ECON 232 – Statistical Software Applications - 1 cr.
BADM 100 - Exploring the World of Business
BADM 162 – Business Software: Excel - 1 cr.
ACCT 210 – Financial Accounting
ACCT 220 – Managerial Accounting
NOTE: All courses are 3 credits unless noted otherwise
Business Core Requirements
MKT 300 – Marketing
ENTR 310 – The Entrepreneurial Experience
IB 333 – International Business
FIN 340 – Financial Management Fundamentals
DS 350 – Operations Management
MGMT 360 – Principles of Management
MIS 395 – Management Information Systems
BLAW 431 – Legal Environment of Business
MGMT 681 – Strategic Management
IT & MIS Major Requirements
MIS 310 – Fundamentals of Business Application Development 
MIS 325 – Data Communications and Computer Networks            
MIS 600 – Database Management Systems         
MIS 605 – System Analysis and Design  
MIS 696 – Management of the IS Function           
   Or, DS 755 – Project Management
Select 9 credit hours from the following:
MIS 610 – Dynamic Web Programming  
MIS 611 – Topics in Computer Networking            
MIS 615 – Advanced Business Application Development               
MIS 690 – Seminar in Selected Topics    
MIS 750 – Data Visualization      
BSAN 675 – Analytics Decision Modeling with Spreadsheets           
Specific Requirements for IT & MIS Majors
  • All majors must contain at least 12 unduplicated hours. All minors must contain 3 unduplicated hours.
  • Information Technology and Management Information Systems (ITMIS) majors are not required to complete MIS 395 in business core. Up to 2 non-ITMIS courses can be used toward the ITMIS major.
  • Co-op credit may not be counted toward the major.

Information Technology and Management Information Systems Degree Completion Plan PDF