Department of Economics Faculty and Staff

Dr. Jen-Chi Cheng Chair, Department of Economics 316-978-7084 116 CH
Dr. Ted Bolema Executive Director, Institute for the Study of Economic Growth 316-978-6423 026A CH
Pattie Bradley Associate Director, Institue for the Study of Economic Growth and Associate Educator  316-978-3204 026C CH
Dr. Jim Clark  Associate Professor, Economics 316-978-7097 123 CH
Dr. Terence Decker  Teaching Professor, Economics 316-978-7086 109 CH
Dr. Abby Devereaux Assistant Professor, Economics   026G CH

Dr. Philip Hersch  Professor Economics 316-978-7096 127 CH
Dr. William Miles Professor H. Russell Bomhoff Endowed and Professor of Business 316-978-7085

108 CH

Dr. Eric Carvalho Mota Assistant Professor, Entrepreneurship

Dr. Jodi Pelkowski  Associate Professor 316-978-7092 122 CH
Dr. Martin Perline  Professor Economics and Dean's Distinguished Fellow 316-978-7088 111 CH
Dr. Siyu Wang  Assistant Professor, Economics 316-978-7589 026E CH

Janet Wolcutt  Senior Educator and Director, Center of Economic Edcuation  316-978-7090 121 CH
Dr. Xiaoyang Zhu Assistant Professor, Economics   112 CH

Chris McDonald Senior Administrative Assistant Economics and Executive Assistant, Institute for the Study of Economic Growth 316-978-3220 115 CH