Sponsorship Opportunities and BenefitsOLeary

Sponsorship is used strategically in organizations as a development tool, to reward a high-potential employee, as a form of compensation, for succession planning, etc. A variety of reimbursement options -- either partial or full tuition reimbursement -- are used to facilitate sponsorship.

Sponsorship in the form of financial support (tuition reimbursement) is valued at any level. "Time" sponsorship by employers is required due to the time commitment involved.

Selecting Candidates

Good candidates for the Executive MBA program are individuals who are self-motivated and have the temperament to handle the demands of work, school and home and the willingness to make a 20-month commitment.

Applicants need a minimum of five years of relevant work experience and a four-year undergraduate degree. Previous academic training in business is not required for admission. Learn more about EMBA admission requirements.

We encourage potential candidates to talk with alumni and current students. We also strongly encourage students to visit a class, to get a "feel" for the environment and structure.

Acknowledgment of Responsibility

Employed applicants to the Wichita State University Executive MBA program must submit an Acknowledgment of Responsibility Form C (PDF) as part of the application process. This form ensures that the employer understands the financial and time commitment required for the program and outlines the following:

  • Source of Support
    An indication of the source of financial support, if any, expected from the employer.
  • Organizational Sponsorship
    An acknowledgement of the employee's intent to apply and an assurance from the company to support full participation in all aspects of the program.
  • Applicant's Statement of Responsibility
    An acknowledgement of the attendance and GPA requirements necessary to remain in good standing in the Wichita State University Graduate School.

EMBA Employer Sponsors

  • AGCO Corporation
  • Airbus Group
  • American Red Cross
  • Amkor Technology, Inc.
  • Bombardier Aerospace
  • The Boeing Company
  • Cargill Meat Solutions
  • CCH
  • Cessna Aircraft Company (A Textron Company)
  • City of Wichita
  • Coleman Company
  • Corporate Lodging Consultants, Inc.
  • Electromech
  • Evans Building Company, Inc.
  • Excel Corporation
  • Galichia Medical Group
  • Givens Cleaning Contractors, Inc.
  • Heartland IT Services, Inc.
  • HOC Industries, Inc.
  • Honeywell Aerospace
  • Pfizer
  • Hospice, Inc.
  • IBM Corporation
  • ICM
  • North American Salt Company
  • Key Construction
  • Koch Industries
  • Latshaw Enterprises, Inc.
  • Learjet
  • Love Box Company
  • Lucent Technologies
  • Mennonite Housing
  • Kansas Eye Bank & Cornea Research Center
  • Mikesell Enterprises
  • NetApp
  • LMT Onsrud Cutter LP
  • Curtiss-Wright Corporation
  • Presbyterian Manors of Mid-America
  • Ralph C. Johnson & Co.
  • Raytheon Aircraft Company
  • Spirit Aerosystems
  • Standard Beverage Corporation
  • Star Lumber
  • Stillwater Designs
  • TEC Systems, Inc. 
  • Vulcan Chemicals
  • The Wichita Eagle
  • Wichita State University
  • York International
  • Wesley Medical Center
  • Wolters Kluwer