Masud Chand

Wichita State’s Masud Chand was featured in WalletHub's story about credit card rates. Chand is chair, Department of Management, Associate Professor of International Business, W. Frank Barton School of Business.

Usha Haley

Usha Haley in Fortune on Economic Forecasting

Stan Longhofer

Stan Longhofer, director of WSU's Center for Real Estate, has released the 2020 Wichita Housing Forecast.

Dorothy Harpool

Wichita State's Dorothy Harpool was recently featured in WalletHub's piece about Capital One credit cards.

Jeremy Hill

Wichita State University's Center for Economic Development and Business Research (CEDBR) director Jeremy Hill was quoted in an October 25th Newsweek article about Ivanka Trump's comments on Kansas job growth.


Usha Haley, W. Frank Barton Distinguished Chair in International Business, Professor of Management, and CIBA Director was recently included in a BBC Radio (UK) analysis of international industrial policy. Dr. Haley has testified to the US Congress on this research which has also been included in US and EU federal regulation on trade.


Dr. Usha Haley, Barton School of Business Professor and Distinguished Chair in International Business, contributed to an article on lobster trade with China for Fortune.

Usha Haley

Usha Haley speaks to Wichita NPR on the US-China trade agreement and Kansas

Usha Haley

Usha Haley was quoted for her expertise on trade and investment several times in China Daily (the People's Republic of China's top English language newspaper) and Reuters.