Engineering Research Laboratories

The College of Engineering at Wichita State University is well-equipped with research laboratories that allow students to keep up with the latest developments in their fields. Engineering faculty direct research laboratories where undergraduate and graduate students participate in local and nationally-sponsored projects. The National Institute for Aviation Research (NIAR) conducts research projects for government and industry, and also provides lab access to engineering faculty and students. Below is a partial list of faculty-directed laboratories. 

Aerospace Engineering

General Aviation Flight Lab (GAFL), led by Dr. James Steck, is located in Donald L. Beggs Hall, Room 212. This lab designs and simulates adaptive flight controls systems and develops and evaluates pilot advisory displays on a aircraft flight simulator.

Mechanics and Dynamics Lab, led by Dr. Bhisham Sharma, is located in Wallace Hall, Rooms 208 and  221A. This lab is explores advanced engineered materials, experimental mechanics and advanced manufacturing techniques to develop new technologies.

Small Aircraft Prototyping Lab, led by Dr. L. Scott Miller, is located in Wallace Hall, Room 07. This lab rapidly designs, builds, tests and flies small aircraft. The unique prototypes vary in size, up to 12-ft span and 25-lbs in weight. Recent research includes autonomous cooperative soaring, control systems development, and low Reynolds Number propeller testing/analysis.

Biomedical Engineering

Neuro-Robotics Lab, led by Dr. Jaydip Desai, is located in Engineering Building, Room 203. This lab focuses on design and development of real time brain-machine interface technology to control assistive robotic devices, using motor imagery and steady-state, visually-evoked potential signals from the human brain.

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Computer Architecture and Parallel Programming Lab (CAPPLab), led by Dr. Abu Asaduzzaman, is located in Jabara Hall, Room 256. This lab conducts fundamental and applied research in high-performance, low-power computer systems and related fields, including computer architecture, parallel computing, embedded systems, and healthcare technology.

Control Systems Research Lab, led by Dr. John Watkins, is located in Donald L. Beggs Hall, Room 204. This lab is working on state-of-the-art controls systems theory and its application.

Cyberphysical System Security Lab, led by Dr. Sergio A. Salinas Monroy, is located in Wallace Hall, Room 33. This lab investigates interactions between physical and cyber components of next-generation systems, including additive manufacturing, smart grids, and personalized-medicine, in order to better protect them and their users' privacy.

Robot Intelligence Laboratory, led by Dr. Hongsheng He, is located in Wallace Hall, Room 330. This lab focuses on the research of robot autonomy, artificial intelligence and smart perception to give an intelligent robot the ability to autonomously accomplish navigation and manipulation tasks, while interpreting human instructions and perceiving the environment.

Industrial, Systems, and Manufacturing Engineering 

Facilities Planning & Logistics Research Lab, led by Dr. Krishna Krishnan, is located in Engineering Building, Room 208B.

Health Systems Engineering Lab, led by Dr. Laila Cure, is located in Engineering Building. This lab supports teaching and research activities involving:  operations analysis, standardization and improvement, optimization of resource planning and allocation decisions, data analytics, and model-based support for complex decision-making.

Mechanical Engineering 

Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) Lab, led by Dr. Sindhu Preetham Burugupally, is located in Donald J. Beggs Hall, Room 130. This lab focuses on investigating the fundamental physics of micro- (1-1000 microns size) and meso-scale (1-100 mm size) devices. Our principle applications are microdevices for biomedicine and energy conversion.

Nanomaterials for Renewable Energy and Environment Lab (NREEL), led by Dr. Wei Wei, is located in Donald J. Beggs Hall, Room 130. This lab's mission is to advance the scientific frontiers of nanomaterials in order through cutting-edge technologies, including nanostructured materials: synthesis and characterizations; and advanced energy storage and conversion systems.

Renewable Energy Lab, led by Dr. Ikram Ahmed, is located in John Bardo Center, Room 335. This lab investigates alternative sources and uses of energy, especially biogenic municipal solid waste (MSW), solar thermal, and wind, using experimental and computer simulation methods, and internet of things (IOT) for remote experimental set-ups.

Sustainable Energy Science and Engineering Lab, led by Dr. Gisuk Hwang, is located in Wallace Hall, Room 109. This lab pursues fundamental research in the thermofluid sciences and engineering, aiming at developing new clean and sustainable energy and environmental systems.