Aerospace engineering faculty and staff are committed to helping students succeed and excel in their academic, professional, and personal interests. Be sure to work closely with your course instructors, the department advisor, and your faculty advisor. You can also call the main aerospace office to get help (316-978-3410).

The following links provide some important information for students:

  • Academic Skills - including learning styles, reading & note taking, test preparation, test taking, and academic support (click here & here)
  • Supplemental Instruction (click here)
  • Tutoring - including engineering (click here)
  • Academic Honesty (click here & here)
  • Plotting Software ("Grapher" - click here) - this is excellent free software for creating AE course assignment and project plots/graphs 

Other important tips:

  • Attend every class (arriving early)
  • Use the course textbook and other noted references
  • Take handwritten notes during class (even if there are course notes online or handouts)
  • Recognize that following lectures or examples doesn't mean you truly understand the concepts (lots of practice and experience is needed – do the homework!)
  • Strive to really learn the material and to apply it at higher levels
  • Work on average at least 9-hours a week on each engineering class
  • Study & do homework alone (not in groups)
  • Meet with the instructor when you have questions or problems
  • Submit assignments and take every exam on time
  • Understand there are no short cuts (put simply – work hard to get results)
  • Recognize it's your responsibility to fully demonstrate your knowledge
  • Do better than the minimum acceptable levels
  • Be personably responsible for all you do or don't do
  • Understand how to effectively use the library
  • Strive to take a course only once

As noted above, be sure to work closely with your course instructors and advisors. You can also call the main aerospace office to get help (316-978-3410).