Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Quantum Computing

A Tutorial At

The International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN) 2015

Killarny Ireland July 12, 2015

Organizers: Elizabeth Behrman and Jim Steck

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In this Tutorial, we will give an introduction to quantum mechanics, then to the emerging field of quantum computing, then show how the use of AI and machine learning in quantum computing can be a powerful way of "programming" quantum computers. The Tutorial is intended for the general AI community, and no prior knowledge or background in quantum mechanics will be assumed.

Quantum Neural Networks

Workshop at Pacific Rim International Conference on Aritificial Intelligence (PRICAI) 2014:
Keynote: Paul Werbos, Program Manager- U.S. National Science Foundation, Originator of Backpropagation in 1975: "Time-Symmetric Physics: A Radical Approach to the Decoherence Problem" FULL TEXT PDF
Presentation: Elizabeth Behrman, Jim Steck, Wichita State University: "Implementing learning for a quantum lattice gas computer" FULL TEXT PDF

Presentation: Maria Schuld, Ilya Sinayskiy and Francesco Petruccione, University of KwaZulu_Natal South Africa: "Quantum computing for pattern classi cation" FULL TEXT PDF

Presentation: Fernando Neto, Wilson Oliveira, Adenilton da Silva and Teresa Ludermir, Universidade Federal de Pernambuco, Recife, Brazil: "The qRAM Quantum Weightless Neuron Node Elitist Dynamics" FULL TEXT PDF

Presentation: Alexandr Ezhov, Andrei Khromov, and Svetlana Terentyeva,Troitsk Institute for Innovation and Fusion Research, Troitsk, Russia, "On the quantum implication function and strategies for multi-agent models" FULL TEXT PDF