Aerospace - Faculty

Photo of Suresh Raju, PhD.
Suresh Raju, PhD
Professor & Chair


Photo of L. Scott Miller, PhD.
L. Scott Miller, PhD
Emylou Keith & Betty Dutcher Endowered Professor
Director NASA in Kansas


Photo of Klaus Hoffman, PhD.
Klaus Hoffmann, PhD
Marvin J. Gordon Distinguished Professor


Photo of Roy Myose, PhD.
Roy Myose, PhD
Aerodynamics & Propulsion


Photo of Bhisham Sharma, PhD.

Bhisham Sharma, PhD
Assistant Professor


Photo of James E. Steck, PhD.
James E. Steck, PhD
Flight Dynamics & Controls


Photo of Anthony J. Vizzini, PhD.
Anthony J. Vizzini, PhD


Photo of Chihdar (Charles) Yang, PhD.   
Chihdar (Charles) Yang, PhD


Photo of Linda Kliment, PhD.
Linda Kliment, PhD
Associate Professor
Associate Director NASA in Kansas


Photo of Atri Dutta, PhD.
Atri Dutta, PhD
Associate Professor
Astronautics and Dynamics & Control


Photo of Dr. Buerge
Brandon T. Buerge, PhD
Associate Teaching Professor
Aerodynamics & Lighter-than-Air Vehicles


Photo of A.V.M. Raza, MS.
A.V.M. Raza, MS
Associate Educator
Aerodynamics & Wind Energy


Photo of Dr. John Tomblin

John Tomblin, PhD
Sam Bloomfield Distinguished Professor of Aerospace Engineering
WSU Senior Vice President for Industry and Defense Programs
Executive Director of the National Institute for Aviation Research (NIAR)


Recently Retired (and missed)

Photo of Michael Papadakis, PhD.
Michael Papadakis PhD
H. Russell Bomhoff Endowed Professor Emeritus of Engineering (Retired Spring 2021)


Photo of Kamran Rokhsaz, PhD.
Kamran Rokhsaz , PhD
Professor Emeritus (Retired Spring 2021)


Photo of Walter J. Horn.
Walter J. Horn
Professor Emeritus (Retired Spring 2015)



In Memory

Photo of Bert Smith.
Bert Smith
Professor Emeritus


Photo of Melvin Snyder.
Melvin Snyder
Professor Emeritus


Photo of Glen Zlumwalt.
Glen Zlumwalt
Professor Emeritus


Dedicated educators, engineers, leaders, and friends.
They are missed by all.