The "Order of the Engineer" is a fellowship of engineers who are trained in science and technology and dedicated to the highest ethical and professional practice, teaching, or administration of their profession. During a solemn ceremony (Engineer's Ring Ceremony), a stainless steel ring is placed on the inductee's fifth finger of their working hand. The ring is worn to identify membership in the organization after the inductee has participated in the Engineer's Ring Ceremony and accepted the Obligation of the Engineer.

The purpose of the organization, per the Order of the Engineer offices, is to stimulate formal public recognition by engineers in the United States of two basic principles. These principles are that

  1. The primary purpose of engineering is service to the public, and
  2. All members of the engineering profession share a common bond.

The induction ceremony at Wichita State University, for individuals within two semesters of graduation (requirement for membership), will be held in the spring semester before graduation each year.

Inductees - May 16, 2013

Austin Harper
Randall Allenbach
John Huffman
Justin Hickey
Donald Robare
Jason Burget
Mark Koester
Daniel Peterson
Timothy Sanders
Shawn Westervelt