Electronics Hub

John Bardo Center, Room 106


Located on the first floor of the John Bardo Center, the Electronics Hub is provided to assist students in the assembly and testing of electronic devices that are required for most design projects today. The Electronics Hub is outfitted to allow students to take electronics circuits from the breadboard, to the printed circuit board.


In addition, this lab has been outfitted with a netting cage and Vicon Vero camera system, allowing for indoor flight tests and motion capture.


Equipment List
**Please follow links for equipment specifications and training.**
S63- LPKF ProtoMat S63 PCB Milling Machine
TempChamber- Tenney Junior Compact Temperature Test Chamber, TJR-A-WF4
1072- Tektronix Digital Storage Oscilloscope, TBS 1072B
2002- Tektronix Digital Storage Oscilloscope, TDS 2002C
DSA705- Rigol Spectrum Analyzer, DSA-705
9330- GW Instek Spectrum Analyzer, GSP-9330
VNA- Echo 1000 Vector Network Analyzer
Rigol4102- Rigol Function Generator, DG4102
TTI FG- TTI Function Generator, TG5012A
Hz Counter- TTI Benchtop Universal Counter, 6GHz, TF960
DMM- Keithley 5 1/2 Digit Dual-Display Digital Multimeter, 2110
PS 1- Switching Power Supply: 0-30VDC, 0-3A
PS2- Mastech Variable Linear DC Power Supply; 0-30VDC, 0-6A
FM204- Hakko Vacuum Pump Desolder Station, FM-204
Rework- IRDA SMT & BGA Rework Station, T862
Pacesetter- Pacesetter Digital Desoldering Station, ST-115
VTSSU5- Vellemen Soldering Station, VTSS5U
smtmax- SMTmax Lead-Free Reflow Oven, AS-5001
FumeHood- AirScience PurAir Fume Hood
Extractor- Xytronic Dual Vacuum Fume Extractor, XY-HV2EFS

Safety Rules:

  1. Before operating equipment and tools, make sure that you are authorized. Do not use any tools or equipment without proper safety and usage instructions.
  2. Report any injuries/accidents to a lab mentor immediately.
  3. Safety glasses and hearing protection are required in the Innovation Hub when equipment and tools are in use, and as specified.
  4. Closed toe shoes required when working with Innovation Hub equipment.
  5. Clothing and jewelry that could become caught in equipment are prohibited. Long hair should be properly secured so it does not get caught in machines.
  6. Be aware of the locations of first aid, fire, and safety equipment.
  7. Never walk away from equipment in use.
  8. Keep fingers clear of the point of operation for equipment by using tools such as push sticks or hooks.
  9. Working alone is prohibited.
  10. Safety is your top priority within the Innovation Hub. If you are not sure what to do, ask!

Common Sense Guidelines:

     - Do not remove tools from the Innovation Hub.

     - Clean your work areas immediately after completing use of equipment and workspaces.

     - Report any damaged or inoperable equipment to a lab mentor immediately.

Lab Use:

Students are expected to provide their own construction materials and supplies. The Innovation Hub will supply the equipment, training, and the space to work on their projects.