The Industrial, Systems, and Manufacturing Engineering Department at Wichita State University is committed to experience-based instruction and research in design, analysis and operation of manufacturing and other integrated systems of people, material, equipment and money. Simply put, our graduates make the world a better place by improving the way things work.

ISME Students

Our Programs

Two Undergraduate Degree Programs: Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering (IE) and Bachelor of Science in Manufacturing Engineering, which are ABET-accredited programs.  

Three Graduate Degree Programs: Master of Engineering Management, Master of Science in IE, and Doctor of Philosophy in IE, which allow specialization in data analytics, operations research and systems engineering, production and supply chain analytics, quality and reliability, manufacturing engineering and automation, and human systems engineering.

Six Graduate Certificate Programs
: Additive Manufacturing, Foundations of Six Sigma and Quality Improvement, Lean Systems, Supply Chain Analytics, Supply Chain Management, & Systems Engineering and Management.



Graduate Degree Programs


What do industrial engineers do?

Industrial engineers apply scientific knowledge to solve problems in manufacturing and other industries, businesses, and institutions, focusing on productivity improvement through better use of human resources, financial resources, natural resources and manmade structures and equipment. IEs apply a full range of analytical, simulation, and experimentation tools that are applied to problems in designing, planning, implementing, and operating systems. These problems are found in a wide variety of service organizations (such as, banks, hospitals, social service and governmental agencies), project-based firms (such as, construction and consulting), and product-based firms (such as, processing, manufacturing, and electronics). The focus of industrial engineering is systems integration and improvement. 

Robotics Lab

What do manufacturing engineers do?

Manufacturing Engineering is concerned with converting raw materials and intermediate products into final and other intermediate products through the use of various design, processing, assembly, and automation techniques as well as the design and manufacturing of tools, jigs, and machines used in these processes. The strength of the Product Design and Manufacturing Egnineering program at Wichita State is its emphasis on the following manufacturing engineering areas: materials and processes; product engineering and assembly; industrial robotics and automation; manufacturing quality and productivity. Manufacturing engineers can apply their broad and comprehensive skills in a wide spectrum of industries.



GRA Position in Mechanical Design of Machine Tools

There is an opening for a Research Assistant over the next two years to carry out experimental testing, analytical modeling, and finite element analysis of a CNC milling machine.  The goal is to evaluate different ways to improve static and dynamic stiffness of the machine.  Students interested in this position are encouraged to apply by email to Dr. Vis Madhavan, providing details of prior experience with design of machines using CAD and/or FEA (the objective, modeling done, study/analysis carried out, results, and outcomes/learning).  If the work was done as part of a team, please clarify your contribution percentage in each of these steps. Also include a resume and contact information for two professional references.