Design of a Lawn Mower  Assembly Hanger

The purpose of the project was to redesign Excel Industries’ lawn mower assembly hanger, which is used to suspend their lawn mower chassis along the assembly line. The mower chassis are raised by hydraulic table lifts, in which two line workers then manually connect the assembly hanger to the front and back ends of the chassis. Major capabilities of the hanger include the ability to telescope for height adjustment and rotation of the chassis for placement of subcomponents. Overtime, noticeable mechanical issues affecting the operability and functionality of the hanger started to arise forcing Excel to seek a new hanger design, leading to our project. To develop our design we followed the traditional design process of initial research and brainstorming, final design selection, CAD modeling, stress analysis, prototyping, testing, and evaluation. Our new hanger design maintains the same functional requirements as the old design, while enhancing the overall strength, fluidity, and operability of the hanger. Additionally, the hanger is lighter, has less components, and is easier/cheaper to manufacture. The main highlight of our project was providing a full CAD model which was then used to build a physical prototype that was tested at Excel’s facility.