Starter/Generator QAD

Ametek PDS designs and manufactures starter-generators for both turbofan and turboprop engines used on business jet, helicopter, and commuter aircraft.  Starter-generators receive power from an electrical supply line on the ground to start the engine. Once the engine is running, this supply line is removed, and the starter-generator is powered by the engine to produce electricity that powers the aircrafts accessories. A starter-generator is mounted to the engine pad via custom Quick Attach/Detach (QAD) mounting brackets.  QADs function as a structural interface to the engine accessory gearbox and as ducting for airflow passing through the starter-generator’s core.  This project requires the design of a QAD that withstands environmental and static load stresses while simultaneously maximizing air flow. This presents a unique challenge as the two main goals of the project contradict each other: increasing the airflow through the QAD by increasing the number of airflow ports decreases the QAD’s fatigue strength. Alternatively, a design with fewer airflow ports has increased strength, but could cause the starter-generator to overheat and fail.