Pneumatic Stand for Electrical Control Box Wiring

LS Industries, a Wichita based company that specializes in metal finishing and surface treatment equipment would like to create a pneumatic stand for their electricians to easily and ergonomically wire junction boxes. Most of the manufacturing done by LS Industries is done on the shop floor. The custom-made metal finishing machines all require their own custom made electrical control box. These control boxes house many different components such as transformers, variable frequency drives, wiring looms, timers and more. For certain machines the control box can be very large (5ft tall) and quite heavy (up to 375lbs). The electrical department of LS Industries requires an efficient method of working on, testing and completing the control boxes in a vertical and horizontal setting. In the horizontal position the electrical box can be worked on from a seated position. From this position the box must be raised again to the vertical to complete assembly. The stand would need to be either hydraulic or pneumatic and be adjustable for different sizes and weights of the boxes.