Open Position: Graduate Research Assistant

Dr. Hwang seeks a Ph.D. candidate who has research interests in the areas of thermofluid science and engineering. The research aims to advance understandings of fundamental liquid-vapor, phase-change transport phenomena in heterogeneous micro-/nanoscale porous structures to develop advanced thermal management, clear energy, water desalination, and multiphase microfluidic systems.

The ideal candidate for this position requires the following:
• Strong mechanical engineering academic backgrounds, especially in the areas of thermofluid or closely related areas.
• Experience in experimental and/or computational heat transfer/fluid dynamics.
• Proficient verbal and written communication skills in English to work in a multidisciplinary working environment.

For qualified Ph.D. candidate, the competitive stipend and tuition will be provided. Continuation of financial support is contingent upon satisfactory academic/research performance, and availability of funds.

Additional information can be found in Dr. Hwang's research group website (

If interested, please contact to Dr. Gisuk Hwang ( with CV.