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The Mathematics and Statistics department hours have not been impacted by COVID-19. We are still available to assist you and help answer your questions both in-person and electronically via email or via phone.

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Undergraduate Programs

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Graduate Programs



  • The Math/Stat has launched a new interdisciplinary Data Science master's program: MS in Mathematical Foundation of Data Analysis.
    • More information coming soon!
  • Dr. Victor Isakov has received a 3-year grant from the National Science Foundation - Division of Applied Mathematics (#2008154) totaling $255,214 for his project "Stability issues in some biomedical, financial, and geophysical inverse problems". This grant will support summer research, PhD students, and travel (2020-2023).
  • Dr. Catherine Searle has recieved a 3-year grant from the National Science Foundation - Division of Mathematical Sciences (#1906404) totaling $248,098 for her project "Curvature and Symmetry". This grant will support summer research, PhD and masters students, and travel (2019-2021)