April 15, 2020

A letter for those who cared for her the most.

Ms. Bradfield and I had a warm and personal relationship. She taught me Critical Reasoning, an Introductory Course in the Humanities for Philosophy 105. After learning of her passing an immediate wave of grief abruptly stopped my entire day, therefore it goes without saying that her teaching for me, although brief and limited, was impactful and important. I believe she was an anomaly of a professor. She truly made her students want to learn and made them eager to listen to every lecture. She never lectured with her eyes glazed over a sea of people, but rather spoke attentively and looked intentionally at each student as though she was speaking to them directly. By that one subtle quality alone, she made all of her students feel important, valued, and most of all respected. It’s quite rare to come into a class with a professor with so much intention and concern. The qualities of her character will be missed, by her students and her colleagues at Wichita State University. She dedicated her livelihood to a profession that has touched me individually and that I will never forget. Thank you for teaching me how to think and for being an altruistic professor who always stood out and always cared.

WSU Undergraduate, Morgan Bergen

Kathy's services are being held virtually by Downing & Lahey.  Share your memories here.

Kathy in the Classroom