What are our students and alumni up to these days?



Dr. Schwartz's students are publishing their work: 

"A Space Settler's Bill of Rights"  Authors (in order): Russell Greenall-Sharp, David Kobza, Courtney Houston, Mohammad Allabbad, Jamie Staggs, James S.J. Schwartz. Forthcoming in Astrobiology Ethics, edited by Octavio Chon Torres, Joseph Seckbach, Richard Gordon, and Ted Peters, Wiley-Scrivener 2021.   

Courtney Minor was awarded a Battin-Lester Research Fellowship to do research this summer:

"Corporation, Free Speech and Public Places: How can corporations use their influence to enhance the free speech rights for private citizens?"


Daniel Saunders just finished his masters at York University and now is doing a PhD at the University of British Columbia.

Dennis Knepp was recently featured in "Down the Research Rabbit Hole". Read the interiew and check out his list of publications in philosophy of popular culture! 


Congratulations everyone!