The Philosophy Major

A major consists of a minimum of 27 credit hours of philosophy courses, at least 15 of which must be in courses numbered 300 or above. (Standard philosophy courses are 3 credit hours)

Since our major is extremely flexible, each philosophy major must meet with a departmental advisor at least once a semester to plan or review a program of study. These programs are designed in terms of the individual student's interests and future plans. Up to 12 credit hours of philosophy courses taken before the decision to major in philosophy may count toward a major. Additional hours may be counted with the advisor's consent.

 Applied Learning Requirement

Students in the BA in philosophy program are required to complete an applied learning or research experience to graduate from the program. The requirement can be met by completing one item from list A or three items from list B.

A. Substantive Experiences (1 item from this list)
  • Publish an article in an undergraduate philosophy journal.
  • Edit or referee submissions for an undergraduate philosophy journal.
  • Give a paper or serve as commentator for a paper at an undergraduate philosophy conference.
  • Give a poster presentation at an undergraduate philosophy conference.
  • Give a paper or poster presentation at URCAF.
  • Take a Directed Readings or Honors option which involves original research or scholarship.
  • Internship or co-op experience.
  • Serve as logic/critical reasoning tutor.
  • Serve as an officer in the Philosophy Society (PS), the Prelaw Student Association (PLSA) or the SGA.
B. Less Substantive Experiences (3 items from this list)
  • Attend lecture of visiting speaker (in philosophy).
  • Attend philosophy seminar given by visiting speaker.
  • Attend on-campus session of the Kansas Appellate Court.
  • Attend on-campus presentation by law school.
  • Participate in visits to regional law schools organized by the PLSA.
  • Attend an undergraduate or professional philosophy conference.
  • Participate in activities of the PS or PLSA.
  • • Participate in philosophical discussions on social media organized by the PS.

Attendance/participation is to be verified either through completed registration forms or signatures on sign-up sheets.




The Philosophy Minor

A minor consists of 15 credit hours of philosophy courses, selected in consultation with a department advisor, that orient students to the philosophic aspects of their major fields.


Sample Plans of Study 

Philosophy majors and minors develop an individualized course of study in consultation with a faculty advisor. Here are some examples. We'll help you design a plan that's right for you.

Philosophy Major with broad humanities aim

9 Courses for 27 credit hours

  • Meaning of Philosophy 
  • Introductory Logic 
  • Moral Issues, Ethical Theory, or Contemporary Ethics
  • 2 courses in History of Philosophy (Ancient Greek, Ancient Chinese, Early Modern, Late Modern, 19th Century) 
  • Science and the Modern World, Philosophy of Science, or Theory of Knowledge 
  • 3 Philosophy Electives (Survey of Asian Philosophy, Philosophy of the Arts, Philosophy of Feminism, Philosophy of Medicine, etc.)
Philosophy Major with pre-law focus

9 Courses for 27 credit hours

  • Introductory Logic 
  • Moral Issues, Ethical Theory, or Bioethics 
  • Political Philosophy or Philosophy of Feminism 
  • Philosophy of Law 
  • Ancient Greek Philosophy 
  • Early Modern Philosophy 
  • Science and the Modern World or Philosophy of Science 
  • 2 Philosophy Electives 

Recommended: background courses in history, literature, economics, and political thought.

Philosophy Major with Asian studies emphasis

9 courses for 27 credit hours

  • Meaning of Philosophy 
  • Critical Reasoning 
  • Survey of Asian Philosophy 
  • Ancient Chinese Philosophy 
  • Contemporary Chinese Philosophy 
  • Political Philosophy* or Philosophy of Feminism*
  • Philosophy of Religion* or Philosophy of the Arts* 
  • Japanese Philosophy and Film or Topics in Asian Philosophy

To earn a Certificate in Asian Studies, students will need to meet additional requirements:

  • 10 credit hours of Chinese, Japanese or Russian language. All courses counted must be in the same Asian language. Students are expected to include these classes among the first they take in fulfillment of certificate requirements.
  • 15 credit hours of courses with significant Asian content (one-third or greater). Specific decisions about appropriateness of content is decided by certificate coordinators. Students are encouraged to take an interdisciplinary approach to facilitate understanding how a variety of scholarly perspectives may be brought to bear on common issues, thus students are not permitted to count more than two courses in this category offered by any one department

Courses marked with an asterisk above (*) may count towards the certificate, depending on course content that particular semester.  Please contact your certificate coordinator to determine eligibility. 

Philosophy Major with history emphasis

9 courses for 27 credit hours

  • 2 introductory courses
    • Meaning of Philosophy
    • Introductory Logic or Critical Reasoning
  • 5 history of philosophy courses 
    • Ancient Greek Philosophy
    • Ancient Chinese Philosophy
    • Early Modern Philosophy
    • Late Modern Philosophy
    • 19th Century Philosophy
    • Women & Computers: Two Historical Episodes
    • Analytic Philosophy
    • The History and Philosophy of the Physical Sciences in the 20th Century
    • History of Ethics
    • Rationalism
  • 2 philosophy courses with historical roots 
    • Philosophy of Language
    • Political Philosophy
    • Metaphysics
    • Theory of Knowledge
    • Philosophy of Religion
    • Philosophy of Sex and Love
    • Philosophy of Mind
    • Survey of Asian Philosophy
    • Truth & Reality
Philosophy Minor with ethics emphasis

 5 courses for 15 credit hours

  • 1 Introductory course
    • Meaning of Philosophy
    • Introductory Logic
    • Critical Reasoning
  • Any 3 theoretically oriented ethics courses
    • Moral Issues
    • Ethical Theory
    • Metaethics
    • History of Ethics
    • Ancient Chinese Philosophy (95% ethics) 
  • 1 course in applied ethics
    • Environmental Ethics
    • Ethics of Space Exploration
    • Bioethics
    • Ethics and Computers
    • Engineering Ethics
    • Values and the Modern World
    • Business Ethics
Philosophy Minor with philosophy of science emphasis

5 courses for 15 credit hours

  • 1  course in general reasoning and epistemology
    • Introduction to Logic
    • Formal Logic
    • Evidential Reasoning
    • Theory of Knowledge
  • 4 courses from
    • Philosophy of Science
    • Science and the Modern World
    • The History and Philosophy of the Physical Sciences in the 20th Century
    • Women and Computers: Two Historical Episodes
    • Philosophy of the Social Sciences
    • Philosophy of Medicine
    • Ethics of Space Exploration
    • Ethics and Computers
    • Engineering Ethics
    • Values and the Modern World

WSU Catalog listing of active philosophy courses