Basic Skills 48 Hour Completion Policy

All students at Wichita State must complete the Basic Skills requirement within the first 48 hours of college coursework.

Basic Skills at Wichita State are defined as:

  • English 101
    • College English I: Composition for native speakers of English
    • Non-Native speakers can take English 100 to satisfy this requirement
  • English 102 — College English II: the second course in Composition
  • Comm 111 — Public Speaking
  • Math 111
    • College Algebra
    • Math 131 Contemporary Mathematics can also be used to satisfy this requirement
    • Math 112 Precalculus Mathematics can also be used to satisfy this requirement
    • Any more advanced math course can also be used to satisfy this requirement

Official Basic Skills 48 hour Policy from the Wichita State Catalog:

All basic skills requirement of the general education program must be met by undergraduates enrolled in a Wichita State University bachelor's degree program within their completion of the first 48 credits toward the degree, not including guest student credit and AP credit.

Students who do not meet this requirement will be allowed to complete the basic skills requirement in the first semester of enrollment subsequent to their having reached the 48-credit plateau.

Students who transfer to the university with at least 48 credit hours earned from an accredited institution but who have not completed Wichita State University's basic skills requirements shall have two semesters of enrollment from their first enrollment to pass basic skills classes with the required C-or-better grade.

Students who fail to pass basic skills courses in a timely fashion as defined above shall not be permitted further enrollment at the university except for enrollment in the basic skills courses.

This policy is coupled with the limitations on repeating courses:

Official Repeat Policy from the Wichita State Catalog:

No course may be attempted more than three times. For this policy, a repeat of an audit does not count as an enrollment, but a W counts as an enrollment.

Exceptions to the 48 hour rule:

LAS students who need an exception to this rule need to contact the LAS Advising Center.