WSU Chapter of Sigma Xi

Wichita State University entered as the 534th chapter of Sigma Xi.  Like many Sigma Xi chapters, the one at WSU has experienced years of activity and years of inactivity.  The chapter earned good-standing for several years in the early 2000's, but became inactive again until 2011 when it was reactivated.  Currently there are 23 active members affiliated with the WSU Chapter and 41 inactive members.  When the WSU Chapter was reactivated, the national organization gave it jurisdiction over most of Kansas, with the exception of the areas immediately around the KU and KSU campuses.  The WSU Chapter includes the state universities at Emporia, Fort Hays, Pittsburg, and Washburn, as well as, all of the other institutions and businesses in this wide area.  We encourage members in inactive chapters in this jurisdiction to create an affiliation to the active chapter at WSU.  In this way, funds from dues can return to Kansas for local programs.