Chapter Activities

Become a Member

Nomination to Sigma Xi is an honor that you carry with your throughout your career.  You join countless students, researchers, and Nobel Prize winners in a venerable society, finding companionship in zealous research.  Sigma Xi runs remarkable programs for education and outreach.  Their support of science and research in the political world is invaluable.  Sigma Xi sets the standards for responsible ethic research practices. 

The WSU Chapter includes the state universities at Emporia, Fort Hays, Pittsburg, Washburn, and Wichita, as well as, all of the other institutions and businesses in this wide area.  There are Sigma Xi members currenclty members associated with inactive chapters in this jurisdiction and we encourage these members to create an affiliation with the active WSU Chapter.  In this way, funds from dues return to Kansas for local programs.

Grants-In-Aid of Research

Sigma Xi has a great program that empowers Associate Members to contribute financially to the research in their laboratories.  Students have the opportunity to submit a research proposal to Sigma Xi Grants-In-Aid of Research.  Research advisors are always glad when students can contribute $1,000 or more to funding their own research.  The process gives students valuable grantsmanship experiences.

Sigma Xi Lectures

Lectures sponsored by the WSU Chapter of Sigma Xi are offer periodically on the WSU campus.

Science Cafes

The WSU Chapter of Sigma Xi helps to provide expert speakers for science cafes organized in the Wichita area.