Membership Options

Nomination to Membership in Sigma Xi

Sigma Xi is an honor society recognizing promise and accomplishment in scientific research.  All prospective members must be nominated by two active full members of Sigma Xi.  Students are nominated as Associate Members if they show substantive progress and potential in scientific research.  Many nominees are mid-career graduate students, but the WSU Chapter of Sigma Xi nominates research-active undergraduate and high school members.  Students interested in becoming members of Sigma Xi should contact the chapter to learn the next steps.

Active Membership in Sigma Xi

Once initiated into Sigma Xi, you are a member for life.  To remain Active, the member must remit yearly dues.  Set by the national organization, several classes of dues rates are available.  Dues are important for supporting the American Scientist magazine, political action supporting science research, and education efforts that impact students around the world.  Members can become as involved with the chapter, regional, and national organization as they desire and we encourage our members to host and attend Sigma Xi events and activities.

Associating with the WSU Chapter of Sigma Xi

Sigma Xi is a chapter-based organization.  Each autonomous chapter has the freedom to choose which activities and areas of emphasis to support and how to organize and nominate new members.  While the national organization works hard to support widespread efforts to improve science research and education, much of the ground work is done by chapters in their local communities. 

While Sigma Xi accepts at-large members, associating with a chapter has local benefits.  A portion of your Sigma Xi dues are returned to the chapter.  These funds are used to support chapter activities and membership.  If you are associated with an inactive chapter or are a member-at-large in Kansas, please change your affiliation to the WSU Chapter, the only active Sigma Xi chapter in Kansas outside of the immediate areas of KU and KSU.  Affiliating with the WSU Chapter is easy.  Associate with Chapter 534 at Sigma Xi Chapters.

Associate vs. Full Members

New members can be nominated to Full Membership if they have demonstrated research productivity, typically fulfilled through peer-reviewed papers in scientific journals.  Research-active faculty members are commonly nominated to Full Membership.  Promotion from Associate Member to Full Member requires demonstrated research success in the form of peer-reviewed scientific publications.

Affiliate Circle

Sigma Xi Affiliates are supporters of scientific research but do not qualify for Associate or Full Membership.  Affiliates engage with the research community and foster education and outreach in the sciences.  The have access to Sigma Xi chapters and other benefits of membership.

Sigma Xi Explorers

Simga Xi Explorers are K-12 students interested in science and research.  The yearly dues are low and Explorers enjoy many of the benefits of Sigma Xi membership.  Explorers often form clubs at their schools.