Wichita's North End Mexican Community
A Public History Project

Sponsored by:
Wichita and Sedgwick County Historical Museum - Eric Cale
Wichita State University History Department - Dr. Jay Price

Header - a number of three-dimensional virtual paper doll figures in a circle.

The objective of this project is to establish an ongoing dialog between the Mexican community, in Wichita's North End, and the Wichita historical organizations - WSCHM, WSU, and the Wichita City Preservation Office. A team of students from the WSU Public History Class are meeting with community residents and representatives to build a list of community contacts and to obtain background information on the community's history. The team will also create a Web-exhibit, hosted on the WSCHM Web site, providing a short community history with photographs of the community through time. From these beginnings, we hope to foster continuing dialog that will lead to other forums to present and discuss the stories and contributions the Mexican Community has to offer the City of Wichita.

Sponsoring Support:
Eric Cale 265-9314
Dr. Jay Price 978-7792
Dr. Lorraine Madway 978-3590 specialcollections@wichita.edu

Student Team:
Kim Kammeraad 832-2225
Mark Strohminger 204-1850 mastrohminger@wichita.edu
James Boorn 371-4810

Community Supporters:
Ron Cruz
Carolyn Benitez
Delia Garcia