Work in Water

Build the next generation of water workforce with Work in Water!

This unique and adaptable program introduces students to the vital role water and wastewater systems play in their community. It allows students to explore water careers through real-word experiences and conversations with the  people that are working to ensure their homes, school, and local businesses have access to safe, clean, and reliable drinking water and water recycling resources. 

The Work in Water experience connects students with their community, the utility with schools, and teachers and counselors with resources and opportunities to promote careers in the water industry.

Intern Reflections

Final projects and summaries serve as a potential launching point from internship to a career in water.  Learn how the Work in Water Experience impacted our interns!

Miguel Tovar

Miguel's internship provided lots of hands-on tasks in the field! "My favorite experience was working in Biosolids because of how often I got to go out in the field and drive tractors."

Amanda Currie

Amanda found the science and chemistry behind water fascinating, and even covers some "water math" in her presentation! “I think this internship leaves a really good base work for the future and a better way of understanding how science helps municipalities and people in their everyday life.”

Connor Smith

Connor shows you just how many steps go into the delivery of clean water, and the hard-working crews that work around the clock to ensure the community has water when they need it. "During this internship, every week holds something new."

Adam Schnurr stands in front of treatment plant

Adam shares about his experience as a Work in Water intern for the City of Lawrence, Kansas. From treatment plant tours to examining satellite data to sampling, Adam experienced a wide variety of tasks associated with water and wastewater work. "I was never exactly sure what I'd be doing every week, so every day was a surprise."

Water Careers Start Here!

From engineers to financial specialists to biologists and chemists to water operators, there are many paths to a career in the water industry.  Utility systems are essential to healthy communities and utility staff ensure that we have clean, safe, reliable drinking water everyday. Sign up to get our free job profiles for water operators, wastewater operators, lab technicians, and systems engineers. These two-page, printable flyers explain what these jobs do, who is a good fit, average salaries, and licenses/educational requirements. They are perfect for career fairs and water career exploration, and are free for you to use, print and distribute!




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